Screen Acting & Film Academy
Commissioned by SAFA to create their 'Cinematics', filmed projects for their acting students. The work has been a challenging mix of genres, all with the goal of creating material of a high enough professional standard both creatively and technically to create useable portfolio material for the students.
Springwatch 2019
This year I co-created a piece for Springwatch on a small family of otters that enjoyed visiting a park in the middle of Edinburgh. I followed wildlife cameraman Steven McGee Callander as he told us the story of getting to know these peaceful and playful creatures.
SFA Cup tour - shetland
Working with Wire, a creative agency based in Glasgow, I was sent to follow the Scottish Cup on its mobile museum tour to the farthest it's ever been from Hampden: Lerwick, Shetland.
Role: Cinematographer & Editor
Creative/Ideation from Wire Media

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